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Here are short snippets of some of my tunes! Scroll down for Video clips, too!

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Check out the samples below of each track from my most recent CD "Seldom Blues"! I had help from some great friends like Bob James, Kirk Whalum, Jeff Lorber, Earl Klugh, James Lloyd, Peter White, Angela Bofill, Kevin Whalum, KEM and many more.
To order your copy of Seldom Blues, click here!


Leave It With Me - from "Seldom Blues"
Seldom Blue - from "Seldom Blues"
AZ Does It - from "Seldom Blues"
Isabela - from  "Seldom Blues" 
People Make The World Go Round - from "Seldom Blues" 
Spill The Wine - from "Seldom Blues" 
Sweat - from "Seldom Blues" 
Under The Moon And Over The Sky - from  "Seldom Blues" 
Quantum - from  "Seldom Blues" 
Britters - from  "Seldom Blues" 
Memphis Underground - from the "Passion" CD
Progress - from the "Passion" CD
It's Too Late - from the "Reach For The Sky" CD
This Is The Day - from the "Reach For The Sky" CD
Here are short video clips from my recent TV special. 
Progress - from the "Hi Falutin" TV special
This Is The Day - from the "Hi Falutin" TV special
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