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Photo Gallery

Fair Winds
Girl Scouts benefit

Whiting Auditorium, Flint 
May 14, 2005

AZ with the gang at the Fair Winds benefit concert in Flint.  Sitting: Perry Hughes. Standing L to R: Al Turner, Chris Codish, Dave McMurray, Hilary and Kevin DiSimone, Bob James, Wayne Gerard, Ron Otis, AZ and AZ Jr. 


Smooth Jazz V98.7
Valentine's Day Concert

Detroit Opera House
February 13, 2005

AZ performs with special guest Jeff Lorber at the Detroit Opera House.
*Photo by Kevin Sanderson
AZ between songs. 
*Photo by Kevin Sanderson

AZ plays with "Isabela" from his new "Seldom Blues" CD.
*Photo by Kevin Sanderson

Jeff Lorber was Alexander very special guest. 
*Photo by Kevin Sanderson

AZ performs "Seldom Blue" with Mike Brock on on vocals. 
*Photo by Kevin Sanderson

"Seldom Blues" CD Release Concert

Marriott Detroit Renaissance Center,
November 28, 2004

AZ performs "Leave it with Me" from his new "Seldom Blues" CD.
*Photo by Michael Spleet

AZ and Kirk Whalum wow the crowd with "AZ Does It!" *Photo by Michael Spleet

AZ plays with Bob James. Bob and his daughter Hillary wrote the title track "Seldom Blues"* Photo by Michael Spleet

James Lloyd gets ready to amaze the crowd on "Sweat".  James wrote and produced several songs on the "Seldom Blues" CD.*Photo by Michael Spleet

Kirk Whalum does his thing.*Photo by Michael Spleet

Kevin Whalum (Yes, Kevin is Kirk's brother!) sings "Seldom Blues" with Bob James on piano.*Photo by Michael Spleet

Kirk Whlaum and Alexander perform a tune together.*Photo by Michael Spleet

Kevin Whalum entertains the crowd with "Spill the Wine" from the new CD.*Photo by Michael Spleet

AZ wraps up the "Seldom Blues" CD Release concert on 11/28/04.*Photo by Michael Spleet

'AZ, Kirk Whalum and Bob James after the show!  James Lloyd in the background.

'AZ mesmerizes the crowd with a tune from the new CD.

'AZ and band with Kirk Whalum

Seldom Blues CD Cover - artwork by Dominic Pangborn

Alexander Zonjic

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